UCSD Theory Group


Misha Belkin Misha Belkin Machine Learning, Optimization
Mihir Bellare Mihir Bellare Cryptography, Network Security
Sam Buss Sam Buss Proof Complexity, SAT Solvers,
Feasible Formal Systems

Sanjoy Dasgupta Sanjoy Dasgupta Algorithmic Statistics, Machine Learning
Fan Chung Graham Fan Chung Graham Combinatorics
Daniel Grier Daniel Grier Quantum Computation, Complexity Theory

Nadia Heninger Nadia Heninger Cryptanalysis, Privacy
Russell Impagliazzo Russell Impagliazzo Complexity, Randomness
Daniel Kane Daniel Kane Learning Theory, Computational Statistics

Qipeng Liu Qipeng Liu Quantum Computation, Cryptography
Shachar Lovett Shachar Lovett Complexity, Combinatorics
Arya Mazumdar Arya Mazumdar Error Correcting Codes, Information Theory,
Statistical Learning

Daniele Micciancio Daniele Micciancio Lattices, Coding Theory
Mia Minnes Mia Minnes Automatic Structures, Algorithmic Randomness,
CS education
Alon Orlitsky Alon Orlitsky Information Theory, Machine Learning

Ramamohan Paturi Ramamohan Paturi Complexity, Algorithms
Barna Saha Barna Saha Fine-grained Complexity, Approximation Algorithms,
Randomized Algorithms, Foundations of Data Science.
Victor Vianu Victor Vianu Database Theory,
Computational Logic

Yusu Wang Yusu Wang Discrete and Computational Geometry,
Applied Topology, Topological Data Analysis